UF plastic surgery resident focuses on global health as volunteer with Operation Smile

University of Florida plastic surgery resident Dr. Haley Oberhofer for more than a decade has committed her time to help others put a smile on their face.

Haley Oberhofer
Haley Oberhofer, MD

Working as a volunteer, Oberhofer splits her time with Operation Smile, a global nonprofit that specializes in providing free cleft lip surgery and care to those in need.

Over the past 40 years, the organization has provided medical expertise, research, and care through its staff, medical and some 18,000 student volunteers around the world, working alongside local governments, nonprofits, and health systems, and supported by donors to help bring awareness and perform surgeries around the world.

“I was incredibly inspired by the work of the organization and knew I wanted to get involved,” Oberhofer said.

She said the organization has had a significant influence on her from the moment she attended her first Operation Smile club meeting in high school. She plans to specialize in craniofacial surgery, focusing on global health while continuing to work with the organization throughout her career.

“Operation Smile has been instrumental not only in my career decision-making but also in shaping me into the person I am today,” Oberhofer said. “I am incredibly grateful for the friends and mentors I’ve met through the organization.”