Microtia is a type of deformity which affects the shape of a person’s middle and outer ear (typically only one ear, though sometimes both) and causes reduced hearing in the affected ear(s).

It occurs in about one of every 7,000 to 8,000 births. No one can say for sure what causes microtia. It often is associated with other conditions or syndromes that disfigure the face or head.

An otolaryngologist who works with UF plastic surgeons will evaluate the severity of the condition and hearing loss, then advise treatment. Treatment for the external ear deformity in microtia is usually surgical ear reconstruction, done in three or four operations. Our surgeons use the patient’s own rib cartilage forĀ  reconstruction. A second form of treatment is a prosthesis, or artificial ear, that is secured by an implantable device. Both options are used at the University of Florida.

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