The University of Florida College of Medicine has offered a training program in plastic and reconstructive surgery continuously since the early 1960s. The program has followed the classic training, accepting residents who have completed training in another surgical specialty, most often general surgery. While the traditional independent program continues, we added an integrated residency several years ago. We will have a full complement of both the independent and integrated residencies by 2021.

Program Mission

The division of plastic surgery aims to train residents and fellows who provide timely, efficient, and compassionate patient care, who are adept and adaptable in Plastic Surgery surgical technique, and produce innovative scientific research that improves patient outcomes.

Program Aims

The division aims for 100% board certification of graduates within three years of completing the program. The residents and fellows will demonstrate academic expertise by completing at least one scientific project during training. All residents and fellows will participate in at least one quality assurance/patient safety project annually.