Case Log Examples

Integrated Residency Case Log Example

procedure type minimum actuals from previous resident
Head and Neck Reconstruction: Head and Neck Congenital Defects; Head and Neck Neoplasm Head and Neck Trauma 170 1,004
Breast Reconstruction: Breast Macromastia; Absent Breast; Other Deformities of Breast 100 531
Hand and Upper Extremity: Hand and Upper Extremity Requiring Recon.; Tendon; Nerve Injury; Fracture or Dislocation; Dupuytren’s Contracture; Nerve Compression; Arterial Insufficiency or Amputation; Other Deformity or Disease 122 560
Lower Extremity: Lower Extremity Wounds and Deformities 25 121
Integument: Integument Burns; Lesions of the Integument; Wounds and Other Lesions of the Integument 24 543
Total Reconstructive Procedures 1,000 3,034
Head and Neck Aesthetic Deformities: Facelift; Browlift; Blepharoplasty; Rhinoplasty 50 95
Breast Aesthetic: Breast Augmentation; Fat Grafting; Mastopexy 30 110
Truck/Extremity Aesthetic Deformities: Brachioplasty; Abdominoplasty; Body Lift; Thighplasty; Suction Assisted Liposuction 50 151
Total Aesthetic Procedures 150 356
Method Groups: Microvascular/Free Tissue Transfer; Tissue Expansion; Suction Assisted Lipoplasty, Use of Injectables; Laser 96 252
Core Surgery: Alimentary Tract/Abdominal Surgery; Breast and Oncologic Surgery; Trauma/Critical Care/Anesthesia 60 271
Total Procedures 1,306 3,913